Tino Roth

Deutsche Bahn

Tino Roth is a certified Digital Learning Designer. After studying teaching and training in the insurance industry, he worked for many years as a specialist trainer for the training of insurance and financial investment specialists for Swiss Life Deutschland Vertriebsservice GmbH and was responsible for the updating, further development and professionalization of virtual learning offerings as well as their integration into existing human resources management systems.

From 2019, he contributed his expertise to various projects within the EOS Group; since the beginning of 2022, he has been working as a product manager for learning management systems at Deutsche Bahn and is pleased to be able to accompany the topics of digitalization, change and learning.

Since 2022, Tino Roth has been leading the working group “Competence Management” convened by the IFBB.

Homepage: https://tino-roth.de/

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