The IFBB Calendar of Events 2022: Where the “Network of Practice” meets

Malina Timmermann, Community- and Eventmanager, IFBB

Corporate education is undergoing rapid change. Modern forms of learning and working have the potential to change the learning culture in companies and organizations and increasingly confront human resources development with the challenge of interlinking formal, non-formal and informal learning as well as validating knowledge and competencies acquired through different channels.

For these reasons, the IFBB makes the current state of science visible in 10 Think Tanks and supports the transfer of knowledge for practical use in companies. In the RZZ Roadshow, the IFBB will organize 4 Think Tanks under the daily motto “competence development in companies”. The RZZ Roadshow will take place within the framework of our research project “KI Knowledge and Further Education Center” and will be carried out together with the regional Future Centers (RZZ). The remaining 6 Think Tanks will be held in cooperation with Siepmann Media as part of this year’s eLearning SUMMIT Tour as well as in the MasterClasses.

RZZ Roadshow:
Competence Development in the Company Demographic change on the one hand and digital transformation on the other mean that companies are increasingly confronted with the challenge of how to close impending competence gaps and further develop their own workforce. Against this background, the IFBB is conducting a roadshow with 4 hybrid events focusing on the topic of corporate competence development as part of the R&D project “AI Knowledge and Further Education Center” in 2022. The roadshow will be carried out in cooperation with the Regional Future Centers (RZZ) and will take place in the metropolitan regions of Hamburg, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Munich. There will be a live stream to accompany the presence.

In the morning, the event concept will offer a balanced mix of keynotes and best practice presentations on current research findings, industry trends as well as practice-relevant solution approaches including innovative teaching and learning concepts for the corporate competence development of the future. After the lunch break, 4 selected working groups of the IFBB Think Tank will present their work and discuss it with the participants in the interactive think tanks. eLearning SUMMIT Tour 2022 For 10 years, Siepmann Media’s eLearning SUMMIT Tour as a decentralized conference series has been making regional and national expert knowledge and state-of-the-art around the digital transformation of corporate education visible.

The SUMMIT stops are characterized by a practice-oriented program with current best practice contributions in which companies present innovative concepts and learning architectures, as well as interactive dialog formats in which participants can set their own topic priorities, jointly exchange experiences and insights, and establish sustainable contacts with companies from the region. As part of this year’s anniversary tour, the IFBB will for the first time hold 2 Thinking Workshops at the eLearning SUMMIT Opening Conference as well as at the eLearning SUMMIT Austria in the afternoon program, where the working groups “Virtual Reality” and “Collaborative Learning and Working” will reflect on their findings with participants on site.

MasterClass In November and December the IFBB will organize together with Siepmann Media the 5 digital MasterClasses on the topics “Virtual Reality”, “Competence Development Educational Staff”, “Learning Culture”, “Blended Learning” as well as “eDidactics”. The MasterClasses will be designed in close thematic coordination with the corresponding working group in the IFBB Think Tank. In several high-quality keynote lectures, central aspects of the MC topic will be addressed, while selected results of the working group can be discussed in breakout sessions within the framework of the Think Tank.

Network of Practice - Science meets practice in 10 think tanks

Dates – Second half of 2022

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