Dr. Laetitia Dahl Bünger

Community Zumikon

Learning Professional

Dr. Laetitia Dahl Bünger is an experienced leader with many years of direct leadership experience in school management as well as in human resources and organizational development in companies. After studying business administration and business education as well as educational management at the University of St. Gallen, she worked for several years as an (e-)learning specialist at UBS Business University and as a human resources and organizational developer at Roche Diagnostics.

Between 2014 and mid-2022, Dr. Laetitia Dahl Bünger was head of the School of Management at the KV Business School Zurich. Currently, she continues to teach business subjects at KV Business School, and also holds the office of school president and municipal councilor of the municipality of Zumikon in Switzerland.

Through her resume, Dahl Bünger has many years of work experience in school development and positioning, corporate strategic education management, talent and leadership development, as well as projects for change, cultural initiatives and e-learning.

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