Dr. Katja Bett

Corporate Learning & Change GmbH

Managing Partner of Corporate Learning & Change GmbH

Dr. Katja Bett holds a degree in education and is the founder and managing director of Corporate Learning & Change GmbH. She implements innovative educational projects with her clients, from setting up online academies, establishing an educational strategy and realigning development concepts to developing and implementing qualification paths nationally and internationally.

Katja Bett is a passionate didactician and learning psychologist and, together with her clients, ensures that learning and development are positioned for the future. She enjoys passing on her knowledge and trains blended learning experts, e-learning authors, learning facilitators and e-trainers with her company. With the Operating Model and the Learning Format Guide developed by her, companies can expand their didactic expertise internally and transfer it into suitable processes and structures, thus raising their learning approaches to the next level of development and making them permanent.

Homepage: www.katja-bett.de


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