Carina Ebli-Korbel

Anton Paar GmbH

Learning Experience Designer at Anton Paar GmbH

Carina Ebli-Korbel is a studied educational scientist, project manager and eLearning manager with heart and soul. Driven by bad school experiences, she has made it her mission to make learning user-friendly and tangible. Her mission is to design learning into an experience that generates great business output. Following the approach “Create Experience, not lessons” she wants to integrate learning into everyday life and significantly shape the future.

After her master’s degree in social pedagogy and adult education, she was active in various companies as a trainer or project and training manager. Since mid-2021, she has been working as a Learning Experience Designer at Anton Paar GmbH. She is also part of the co-core team of the Smart Learning Community, a peer learning initiative that exchanges expertise on the topic of #SmartLearning and develops hybrid future skills on its own projects.

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