Anne Koark

i40 – the future skills company

Co-host Digicompetence Podcast, Future Competences, Press, Marketing

Anne Koark works in Future Skills, PR & Marketing at i40 and is co-host of the Digikompetenz Podcast. As former Managing Director of Trust in Business, she actively supported international companies looking to enter the German market with all the services they needed to successfully build their business in Germany – including HR. In 2003, she decided to become a consultant, author and keynote speaker in the areas of Future Skills, Error Culture, Resilience, Business Development and Human Resources. Among other things, she had the opportunity to speak at the EU Commission and the Global Summit of Women.
In 2003 she wrote the book “Insolvent and still successful”, which was on the business bestseller list in Germany for 7 months. In her diary-like autobiography, she meticulously describes the story of the economic downfall of her women’s business Trust in Business. In 2010, her second book was published with the title: Back to Start.

Anne was awarded the Lady Business Award and the special prize at the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses for destigmatising failure and for her work regarding second chances.


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