Alice Greschkow

Das Demographie Netzwerk e.V. (ddn)

Project Officer Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization and Demography

In addition to her work as a project officer at Demographisches Netzwerk e.V., Alice Greschkow is a freelance author, speaker and consultant on all aspects of the changing world of work.

After studying communication and political science and global studies, she worked for Jan Strecker & Kollegen GmbH, Wiese Consult GmbH as a consultant and Attention Media Agency as a senior editor, among others, before setting up her own business. She focuses on the topics of new work, transformation and the digitalization of the working world.

Since May 2021, Alice Greschkow has been working as Project Officer AI, Digitalization and Demography at Demographisches Netzwerk e.V..



Publications (selection):

Greschkow, A. (2017): International Protection of the Environment. Transaction cost and property rights approach in contrast to other ideas regarding Global Warming. München: GRIN Verlag.

Greschkow, A. (2017): Theory and Politics of Foreign Aid in the United States. München: GRIN Verlag.

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