VR Deployment in Training - is it worth it?

Virtual Reality is one of the topics of an increasing potential that is about to rapidly gain importance. The term and the idea of Virtual Reality emerged at a time when “computer technology for all” was just in its infancy: In 1982, Damien Broderick’s science fiction novel “The Judas Mandala” was published and left a lasting mark on the term.
Exactly 40 years later, fiction has long since turned into “reality”. New technologies are developing at a faster pace. Driven by the innovative power of providers and developers, the step to common reality is no longer a future prediction at all: VR is already a current and tangible topic for corporate training. This circumstance will certainly intensify in the coming years. Due to this, it makes sense to deal with the topic of VR now. Is it best to jump in now and discover immersive, Virtual Realities for yourself and your own company? Or is it better to wait and see how things develop? Are there any disadvantages for me if I continue without VR or are there any possible health issues that I should consider if I want to introduce VR in my company? These and many more relevant questions will be answered for you in this edition.


Seite 2: Imprint
Seite 3: Editorial
Seite 4: Virtual Reality
Seite 6: Chapter 1 – Virtual Reality — the next big thing?
Seite 9: Chapter 2 – VR Tools and their Application in the Context of L&D
Seite 15: Chapter 3 – Advantages and Effectiveness of Working in Virtual Reality
Seite 17: Chapter 4 – Professional Management of Risks and Side Effectsn
Seite 21: Chapter 5 – How do I get started? Information and Selection Criteria
Seite 23: Literature
Seite 25: Glossary

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