Sünne Eichler

Steinbeis Institut

Consultant for education management and continuing education regarding eLearning projects at Steinbeis+Akademie

Sünne Eichler has a degree in business administration and has been working in the continuing education sector for about 30 years. For many years she was entrusted with the conception and implementation of continuing education programmes in management positions. Since 2000, she has been involved in the integration of technology-based learning offers in continuing education concepts, the introduction of e-learning in organisations and the development of interactive e-learning content. In 2010 she founded Sünne Eichler Beratung für Bildungsmanagement, Lich (www.eichler-beratung.de). She advises and trains primarily companies in Germany and abroad on the introduction and optimisation of e-learning and blended learning as well as the production of online training.

Sünne Eichler teaches at Steinbeis University and the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland/Austria, among others. Sünne Eichler is a member of the LEARNTEC congress committee and is responsible for the content of the event. She is chair of the Learning Solutions working group of Bitkom e.V. and a member of the Delina jury, the e-learning award at LEARNTEC.

In mid-2019, Sünne Eichler founded the Institute for Digital Learning & Leadership at Steinbeis+Akademie (Steinbeis University Holding). The institute offers certified courses in the context of Digital Learning & Leadership (www.digital-learning-leadership.com).


Eichler, S. (2006): Strategische Überlegungen und Anwenderhinweise für E-Learning in Großunternehmen. In: Henning, P. A./Hoyer, H. (Hrsg.): eLearning in Deutschland. Berlin.

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