David Burgwinkel

Syna GmbH

Quality and process manager, works council member and spokesperson for the IT committee

Focusing on people – this motto describes David Burgwinkel’s life very well, as he makes precisely this his task every day, both privately and professionally.

His professional life began in 1994 with a classic industrial clerk apprenticeship. In evening studies, he completed his vocational baccalaureate and his state-certified business administration degree. Since 1994 he has been and remains loyal to Süwag Energie AG. After more than two decades in sales, he made a complete change in 2018 and switched to the grid side. “Get out of your comfort zone and break new ground” – a clear recommendation from him to everyone.

David Burgwinkel has also been involved as a works council member since 2014. Since 2021, he has been the spokesperson for the IT Committee of the General Works Council.

In his private life, he has been socially engaged in various projects for over 20 years (kindergarten, children’s home, associations…).

His motivation for works council work and social commitment is quite simple – his social “vein” or passion.


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