IFBB Mission Statement

In many areas of application and use, practice is running ahead of science. Empirical analyses and studies only capture the digitalization of the world of work to a limited extent. Key action and use areas of digital transformation, such as digital skills development, the activities of continuing education professionals, and the role of stakeholders, are blind spots in the research landscape. In the sense of action and use research, a mutual transfer at eye level is necessary here, in which the IFBB sees itself embedded.

IFBB Advisory Board

The IFBB has appointed an advisory board whose membership largely reflects the most important scientific and social forces in its complex field of research and development. The members of the advisory board represent the scientific disciplines focused on in-company training, the publicly funded research institutes and the social partners. Moreover, since in-company training in Germany has strong similarities with that in Austria and Switzerland, and all three countries have unique vocational training systems, they are also represented on the advisory board.


The IFBB has an interdisciplinary team that researches, shapes and accompanies current developments and trends in corporate education and in training in research projects and the working groups of the think tank. Get to know our colleagues and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.